Reviews of Dellaterra Studio and Rosa Duffy


DellaTerra Yoga Studio is a relaxing and soothing place to practice yoga.  Rosa is absolutely amazing!  She has been so supportive, motivating and inspirational in my yoga journey.

Stacie H.



Dellaterra Yoga Studio is a wonderful place for beginners to seasoned yogis. Rosa is an amazing instructor and she has makes her space peaceful and welcoming. Love it! 

Colbie A.


I took my very first yoga class about 4 months ago. It was a perfect opportunity for me to try yoga for the first time in a comfortable setting with a familiar face. I immediately felt gratitude for my instructor Rosa.


I will share that Rosa’s yoga instruction flows nicely, it’s clear, concise and taught in a warm, positive atmosphere she creates for my mind and body. She is a wonderful teacher, challenging and accommodating, she encourages you to do your best for what your body needs. She also has a vast knowledge of anatomy with a grounded spirituality in all her yoga classes. I really look forward to her classes and always leave feeling “it was just what I needed”  


I recommend that you experience the space she creates for an engaging mental and physical journey in a welcoming and non-intimidating path to yoga.


Namaste!  Lori L.


There are many things I love about this teacher.  Let me start by saying I have had massive reconstruction done of my leg after a bad accident.  Fused ankle and toes, extensive muscle and nerve damage.  I had some doubts about yoga being possible.  Rosa has repeatedly helped me find my way - whether modifying a pose or just gently guiding me until I gained strength.  I have never felt out of place in her class.  She is also so accepting of all people without prejudice. 


I always finish the class with my body and mind saying "Thank you."

katie C - DeKalb



As a newbie to yoga, I was fortunate to have my first class with Rosa. 

She is an excellent encouraging teacher who guides us through each yoga pose while demonstrating and giving verbal instruction on form, and how poses should feel. She makes it unbelievably easy to follow and learn. Her studio is an amazing, peaceful and calm safe space to learn, what I’m certain, will be a lifelong practice. I couldn’t imagine starting this journey with any instructor but Rosa.


Amy H., Sycamore


Get ready to challenge yourself! I’m new to yoga and I feel lucky to have Rosa as my teacher. Her classes are never boring and I always learn something new. She is a great teacher and the Dellaterra Yoga Studio is an amazing, peaceful and energizing oasis. 


Bertha R.Sycamore